Ma (aesthetics) is a Japanese term that means interval, space, time, distance. Its kanji symbolizes a sun surrounded by a door. This term is used as a concept of aesthetics, it refers to subjective variations of empty (silence, space, time, etc.) that connects two objects, two separate phenomena. This concept has declined in many arts: architecture, painting, martial arts, cooking, theater, music, etc.

Although the word is ancient, it is only since the 1930s that the concept of my used critical discourse in the Japanese one. In this he differs from other characteristic words of Japanese aesthetics as Wabisabi or mono no aware. For the philosopher Noriko Hashimoto, the silence of my results from perfect concentration, crystallization of an internalizing power as being 2. This refers to the professionalism of the running, both fully invested in the action, but keeping enough distance to appreciate the effect Overall, the direction of the web, the direction of the overall performance.